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Domain online:   12/9/2008 
Last Update:  1/2/2020

10th-IBM-Invention-AwardHans-Erdmann Korth was born in 1945, during the run to escape the Red Army. Eventually, he grew up at Stuttgart. With a university degree in physics, he joined IBM Research in 1970. Fore some 25 years he worked as a senior advisor in the field of optical metrology. His more than a hundred inventions were honored with ten IBM Invention Awards and an IBM Outstanding Contribution Award. In 1999, he joined P&I Midrange as a system analyst and IT-consultant.
At this time, he became fascinated by H. Illig's Phantom-Time hypothesis. Analyzing chronology-related data from astronomy, radiocarbon and dendrochronology, he found lots of evidence for a mismatch - but no hint for a huge conspiracy. Research continued, until he could pin down Hipparchos‘ well-known mistaken value of Earth‘s precession, adopted by Arab astronomers, as the most likely origin for the confusion of chronology.
Dichotomy of the Year-Count confirms the findings of Isaac Newton and others since - without the inconsistencies of their hypotheses. Unlikely traditions, rashly rejected as fabricates, now turned out to be true...