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Domain online:   12/9/2008 
Last Update:  1/20/2018

10th-IBM-Invention-AwardHans-Erdmann Korth was born in 1945, during the run to escape the Red Army. Eventually, he grew up at Stuttgart, where he attended school. With a university degree in physics, he joined IBM Research in 1970. Fore some 25 years he worked as a senior advisor in the field of optical metrology. His more than a hundred inventions were honored with ten IBM Invention Awards and an IBM Outstanding Contribution Award. In 1999, he joined P&I Midrange as a system analyst and IT-consultant.
At this time, he became fascinated by Illig's Phantom-Time hypothesis. Analyzing chronology-related data from astronomy, radiocarbon and dendrochronology, he found lots of evidence for a mismatch - but no hint for a huge conspiracy. His research continued, until he could pin down the legend of the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus as the most likely origin for the confusion of chronology. Dichotomy of the Year-Count confirms the findings of Isaac Newton and Illig without the inconsistencies of their hypotheses. In addition, many traditions considered fabricated, now turn out to be true...