»On Emperors order, the Pope will purge the centuries«  Leo of Vercelli 998 to Gregory V.

Not a single date of the Greek and Roman Antiquity can be confirmed with independent methods! - Or should you know one?

What? Traditional historiography intermixes different year-counts!
Why? Cl. Ptolemy mistakenly had antedated his observations by 299 years
Unbelievable? In fact, an ever increasing number of contradictions between datable events and traditional chronology was found over the centuries. Today, a multitude of conjectures has to support historiography. The latter remained unaffected, because the critics were not able to offer acceptable explanations for all the incongruities.
Now, there is rock-solid evidence (see below). So things change. Strange records begin to make sense!
Possibly, the disorder of our history has started with the keen decision of a single person.  [more...]

          - The chronicle of an unbelievable discovery -

1575: 'Masoretes' redefined the jewish year-count [Azaria dei Rossi]
1728: 'Chronology of ancient kingdoms amended' [Isaak Newton]
1780: Elimination of medieval Polonian kings [A. Naruszewiczs]
1906: Relevation of John indicates Sept. 30th 395 [N. Morsosow]
1966: Coordinates of Ptolemy's Almagest seem 'faked' [R. Newton]
1985: Statistically matching durations of reigns [A. Fomenko]
1988: 3 centuries of the eary middle-ages may be fabricated [H. Illig]
1992: Reference to weekdays causes '297 year difference' [U. Topper]
2002: Calibration curve for C14 shows an offset of some 300 years
2005: Otto III chancellor's claim: 'the Pope shall purge the centuries'
2006:  The 'great' emperors Constantine & Charles join the year-counts
2007: 'Dichotomy of year-count' proved (duplicate events & astronomy)
2008: Match of C14 data with volcanic solphate from ice-cores
2009: Astronomical events date the New Testament
2010: Medieval Chronology restored - based on Eclipses and Comets
2011: Celestial signs match: Star of Bethlehem, Ara Coeli, Staurogram...
2012: 'The 7 Sleepers': Belief in a legend shifted traditions
2013: Published: 'Der größte Irrum der Weltgeschichte...'
2014: C14-Calibration referring to Sequoias
2015: Astronomy synchronizes the Bible and greek-roman Antiquity
2016: *Alexander the Great =0ce/7/20; Ennius, Gaugamela, Ptolemy, Theon...
2017: Cl. Ptolemy vindicated: Regulus on Feb.18.438ce, +299yrs...
2018: Consequence of Hipparchos' mistaken Exeligmos: 3 Epochs
2019: ΔT cusp at 1900ce; Eclipse matches by longitude & latitude
2020: al Battani:'1214' Alx. →Ben Ascher →Silvester II: Ind. →Lunar-cycle
2021: Synopsis: Astro - Dendro - 14C - Ice Core - confirm 20 Epochs

More and more scientists are realizing the untenability of a paradigm implying that

- Claudius Ptolemy had forged the longitudes within the Almagest by 7,5°;
- Earth's temperature followed the increase of CO2 with a delay of 1200 years;
- Empress Egditha had been nourished mainly on fish...

How was it possible to spoil Chronology?

As the Greek astronomer Hipparchos measured, the bright Star Spica had moved some 2° since the observations of his predecessor Timocharis - about 200 years ago, due to Hipparchos. This span was too big - by an Exeligmos of 54 years. However, referring to solar and lunar eclipses, Hipparchos could not discover his mistake...

Eventually, Claudius Ptolemy adopted the error¹. In addition, he had no knowledge of the equinoctial migration. After all, he presumed Hipparchos, likewise, had made his observations at Alexandria. Altogether, Ptolemy's misapprehensions reduced the virtual span since Hipparchos' measurements by 299 years.

However, a set of well recorded astronomical events, unique within history, allows to correct the displacement of Ptolemy. Various prior attemps had failed, to join events dated with Ptolemy's model unambiguously with other periodical references. Instead, chronists were blamed for neglectfulness. Ptolemy was accused to be a plagiator.

1) https://archive.org/stream/desclaudiusptole01ptoluoft/desclaudiusptole01ptoluoft_djvu.txt

How was the break within chronology communicated?

The legendary recovery of the 7 Sleepers from Ephesos, undisputably the 'Greatest Wonder of God', may have been an attempt to accept the missing times.


(† ~120 BC)


(† 929 CE)

Silvester ii

Silvester II.
( 1003 CE)

Who were these protagonists? What was their motivation? How could they do it? What were the consequences?

C14 Calibration - amended!

A brief summary without physics and math:

- The half-time of 14C can be determined quite accurately in the lab.

- To use the 14C decay for dating, atmospheric variations over time must be known.

IntCal -calibration juxtaposes 14C measurements and dendrochronological age.

- Base for the radiocarbon age '0' is the year 1950 ('presence').

- This base is defined indirectly referring to  the age 130 before present <> 1820 CE.

- However, analysis of Sequoia data over two millennia results in 64 BP <> 1886 CE.

- Correlations measured by L.-A. Larsson show a hiatus against Roman wood samples (328 <?> 546 CE).

- The 'well-known' age of Roman samples has led to the assumption of a lower 14C level over antiquity.

- This implicit recalibration adds some 300 years to the measuered radiocarbon age value.

- As a consequence, the slope of the 'Dendro-age' for antiquity will be reduced by 15%.

- A comparison against the Sulphate of Ice-cores confirms a deviation of 15% -290 years.

- With a correction of base-year and hiatus, IntCal data will produce adequate radiocarbon age values.

     [more in the PDF...]

60 solar eclipse reports disprove traditional Chronology:

- If the CE-date calculated traditionally for a solar eclipse record were correct, a deviating coverage (or the location) reported must necessarily be inaccurate. A specified location on Earth will see totality or annularity typically only once within 140 years. For an accidental match within a span of 295-305 years after the traditional date, the chance will be 1 : 14.

- 300 years minus 46 days after the correctly calculated date another eclipse may occur. If it shows the coverage mentioned in the report, this could only happen by sheer coincidence.

- Otherwise, if the coverage and location of a solar eclipse were reported accurately, then the retro-calculated CE-date cannot be correct, when astronomical computations yield a significantly deviating coverage value. 

- Besides: If the CE-dates were determined correctly, this would imply that most eye-witness reports of total solar eclipses did not survive until our times. Unlikely that these awesome events were not recorded. Unlikely that just those records were lost – in contrast to many 'obviously incorrect' reports on explicitly total eclipses, where, accidentally, the totality zone overlapped with the real path of a total solar eclipse 300 years later!

- The probability for more than 60 such events is close to zero.

Traditional chronology and astronomical retro-calculation stand in conflict: They mutually exclude each other!

Research about the irregular Chronology

The incorruptible jewish year-count

Today we live in the year 5771 of the Jewish World Era. This is equivalent to our year 2011 CE. The year 1 JWE, therefore, corresponds to our year 3761 BCE. Rabbi Hillel, the originator of the jewish calendar, wrote his texts around 4116 JWE, what complies with the year 359 CE and matches with the records of history.  The year numbers given by Hillel and the dates of jewish tradition referring to these, must therefore be correct!  [mehr...]   

The enforced Millennium – no way to ignore Charlemagne!

Early in the year 1000 CE the Emperor Otto III. visited Aachen. There he uncovered the relics of his ancester Càrolus, who had passed away 186 years before. Otto removed the burial objects and extracted a tooth from the skull. He replaced the missing nose of the dead by a gold sheet, before he left the crypt. What was the intention behind this ghoulish spectacle? It did generate 'evidence' for the newly set year-count scheme!      [more...]    

Karl der Große
Short Info: Rulers of the
Early Middle-Ages

A letter written by Leo of Vercelli

»Sub caesaris potentia purgat papa secula« 'On the Emperor's order, the Pope will purge the centuries'. Here we have the written evidence for the clandestine reform of the year-count, laid down by the protagonists...          [mehr...]    

Pontificates of the early middle-ages

Can the duplicate year-count be identified within the traditional sequence of the roman popes? Were these doubled, too? The records about these early leaders of the Church are rather poor...   [mehr...]     

Chronology and written records

Observations again confirm the thesis of the manipulated medieval chronology, giving hints about possible motivations and procedures. Gave the wish to predominate over non-trinitarian creeds the impulse to the rulers at Byzantium to duplicate Constantine / Heracleios and their followers? As a reaction, occidental gouvernment matched the own records, adjusting so to the eastern shift.  [mehr...]      

Astronomical Data from the Gospel

A star, standig still above Bethlehem, directing three kings? This sounds more than unlikely! However, many people have given thoughts to the idea that a special planet constellation has been meant or a comet. Seeking in the wrong century, they missed the real event...

Chronology and natural sciences

Does the hypothesis of nearly three deliberately inserted centuries really explain all observations, or are the interrelations even more complex? Indeed: Some retrocalculated events do match conventional chronology. However, all findings can now be combined within a conclusive theory, and allow for the first time to determine the accurate date of the devastating eruption of the Thera volcano.  [mehr...]    

The Occident's Chronology – What are the clues from reproducible data?

A critical survey of independent time-series confirms the impression of a three centuries offset within occidental history. Originally, as it appears, the deviation of history has been confined to the Roman empire. The following 'infection' of other peoples was the consequence of inappropriate synchronisation. A careful analysis of radiocarbon and dendrochronology data reinforces this sight.     [mehr...]    

Global Warming and Chronology

Coherrent models, reaching back into a far past, are required to understand the various influences on Earth's temperature. About a delusive paradigm triggering quarrel among scientists and a pseudo-correlation between temperature and C14.      [mehr...]    

„The Revelation of John“ by Nikolai A. Morosow

In this book, published in 1907, N. Morosov presented evidence that the Book of Revelation accurately describes the virtually unique astronomical situation on the eve of September 30th within the year 395.      [mehr...]    

Gerbert of Aurillac  –  † 12.Mai 1003

Gerbert of Aurillac (pope Silvester II.) was the most prominent scientist of his times. He teached a generation of rulers, scientists and clergymen. Most likely, he was the mastermind behind the re-adjustment of year-numbering.    [mehr...]    

Bishop Thietmar disbelieved in the year count he used!

ChronikThietmar of Merseburg's (Freudian) slip here with his twofold correction allows no other conclusion!
[First line of the 7th book of The History of the Diocese of  Merseburg -  fol. 142r, written about 1017]