Chronological confusion: error or intention?

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(† 120 BC)

- 2° Earth's precession
  since Timocharis

 → Kallippos 54yrs earlier
 → Birth and dead of
    Alexander the.Gr.-54yrs
- Epochs referring to Alexander -54 years:

  *Alexander 356 BC

323 BC
but 178.†Alx  310bc

  Callippos Epoch 330 BC

  Seleucid Epoch 311BC
 178.†Alx =356bc+24+19j)

- Lore now ambiguous,
  depending on the epoch.

- Christianity is older
   Hiereia -> Chalzedon

Clones (e.g.):
- Theophil -> Justinian
- Trebonian -> Tribonian
- Heraklios -> Konstantin

Constantin t.Gr.
- Constantines donation
  favours Roman Church


al Battani
(† 929 uZ.)

- Aolar eclipse 901ce.
  = 1214

  Although Battani had
  doubts in the Precession
  of Hipparchus, he dates
  his observations after the
  sacrosanct authorities
  Hipparchus and Ptolemy.


- al Battani's observations
  were reliable and in
  Harmony with the famous

  Earth's Precession since
  Hipparchus was some 13°
  1214 †Alexander was

  The chronicle of Edessa
  had the birth of Christ
  dated to the year 307 SE.

- The Masorites Tanach
  of Ben Ascher refers to
  to the astronomers;
  antedating the deliveries
 of the AT by 34 Sabbatical years (301j)

- This contradiction is not
for the
  Catholic Church 


Silvester ii

Silvester II.
( 1003 uZ.)
Inakzeptable contradiction with respect to chronology of the Church vs. Byzantium, Arabs, Jews
  -> Leo of Vercelli 998:
    'papa purgat saecula'

- Adjustment to secured
  cognition of Astronomers

- linkage to the
  Roman tradition
- Name 'Silvester II.':
Silvester I. → Konstantin

- Millennium + Secularyear

- Lunar cycle → '19j cycle'

- 304yrs without tradition?

- Phokas: compensates Indiction

Liber Pontificalis: SE+ce 

- Empress Helena
  -> Christian at Rome

- Alexander's SE  → AD

- Traditions cannot be separated with respect to AD|CE epoch:
- 1.-6. century AD
    ->  4.-9. cy. CE.

- The Clon Constantine becomes the son of a real

- The historicity of Jesus is
  now no longer verifiable!

- Pope Silvester dies in

And the bottom line?
A venial error developed and became irreversible:
This required some further adjustments - certainly in the interests of those in power.
The protagonists acted independently of each other - probably with the best of intentions.
In their actions there is no direct reference to the year count. There was no conspiracy!

- Silvester II. celebrated the millennium and finally doubled the rulers of Rome.
- In documents, the traditional count by Incarnation Years was often still used.
- After the year 1000 traditional SE and AD counts merged.
- Only since 1431 CE did the Vatican date documents 'after the birth of Christ'.


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