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The questions about our Chronologie are intermixed quite easily...

1. Is there really no positive evidence confirming our traditional Chronology?

No! Circular arguments or ambiguities can always be found.

2. Is there a hypothesis matching with all the independent observations?

Yes! Intermixed year-counts caused some 300 yrs deviation between AD and CE.

3. Is there hard evidence that allows easy verification of this hypothesis?

Yes! - 12 eclipse reports show identical offset against astronomical calculations.

4. Is it possible to narrow down the date where the inconsistencies ended?

Yes! - this happened around the year 1000 CE.

5. Are all the dates of the antique times affected?

No! Only those depending on the greek and roman tradition, including the masoretic Torah. The babylonian records date the years correctly. 

6. What may have caused the corruption of our chronology? 

The embedding of the Seven Sleepers legend - indisputably God's greatest wonder.

7. How was it possible to maintain the pretense of continuity anyway?

With the aid of manipulative duplications of persons - Constantine I., Charlemagne, Rabbi Hillel and others.

8. Are there hints for such 'collateral' fabrications?

Yes! The 'Donation of Constantine', 'Gesta Hludowici', Ammian Marcellin, etc.

9. Are there suspicious facts identifying the responsibles for the inconsistencies?

Yes! The empress Theodosia, Constantine VII. and Otto III. with pope Silvester II.

10. Are there plausible motives for their activities?

Yes! The impending collapse of the Byzantine Empire. The predominance of Rome

11. Are there documents confirming such manipulations? 

Yes! - e.g. a threatening letter adressed to Pope Gregory IV.

12. Why are the records from history nevertheless largely conclusive?

Because all the annalists did presuppose the validity of the traditional chronology as self-evident.

13. Were some inconsistencies detected and published anyhow?

Yes! Starting in the 16th century - by Azaria dei Rossi, Isaak Newton and others.

14. Why then were the inconsistencies not resolved?

Explanations were searched from within the dogm of traditional chronology only.

15. Why is the issue of critical chronology research even today still a taboo?

16. Is there a chance, anyhow, to gather some new insight?

Yes! Novel data-recall facilities as well as additional and more precise data restrict the chance to find plausible hypotheses under the traditional premiss.

17. Is not the truth about chronology completely irrelevant for most humans?


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